Weight: 1300 gr

The "DENAS-REFLEX" remote electrode is made from hypoallergenic material with a conductive coating. It connects to the DENAS-PCM and is designed for electrostimulation on areas of the foot.
This item offers not only localized therapy, directly to the feet (joints and blood vessels), but also is useful for whole body treatment. Reflex zones of the feet are directly linked to internal organs and systems, giving us the opportunity to purposefully influence their function.

For active people with minimal free time, the DENAS-REFLEX offers a rapid method for the prevention and treatment of fatigue, and the first signs of joint and vascular
ailments: end of the day leg swelling, and rejuvenation after a hard day on your feet.
For people with limited range of motion, it offers the possibility of comfortable joint and blood vessel treatment.

The kit includes:

  • The DENAS-REFLEX electrode.
  • Connecting cable.
  • The user manual.
  • Consumer packaging.

Attention! "DENAS-REFLEX" works only with the DENAS-PCM.

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation

"DENAS-Reflex" can be applied at any age for use with the following diseases and conditions:

  • Orthopedic diseases of the feet (flat feet, the effects of trauma).
  • Arthrosis and arthritis.
  • Men's and women's health.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Diseases of the lower limb arteries (atherosclerosis, diabetes).
  • Diseases of the peripheral nervous system.

Contraindications may apply for its use. To learn the proper procedures for using external electrodes, as well as to determine optimal treatment combinations, reading the instructions or consulting with a specialist is highly recommended.

  User Recommendation
Legostaev Aleksandr Viktorovich
Отличный релаксирующий эффект, почувствовал значительное облегчение при артрозе.
Tkachev Andrei Anatol'Evich
Хорошие, помоги вылечить, ноги уже не болят!
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