Weight: 201 gr

Set of  External Massage electrodes allows affecting with two therapeutic factors – dynamic electrical neurostimulation (DENS) and mechanotherapy (massage).
External massage electrodes are used to enhance the effectiveness of DENS-therapy, facilitate affecting unapproachable skin areas or areas inconvenient for treatment with built-in electrodes of devices.
DENAS-Massage electrodes allow to combine two kinds of treatment – dynamic electrical neurostimulation (DENS) and mechanotherapy (massage).
Dynamic electrical neurostimulation with external massage electrodes is applied for treatment of a wide range of visceral diseases, pain syndromes, as well as in facial and body esthetics.
The kit includes:
External therapeutic massage electrode No. 1;
External therapeutic massage electrode No. 2;
Operating Manual.
Attention! Massage electrodes work only with DENAS-PCM models of 2013 (70901) and 2016 (77520).
Electrodes require a special adapter (77496). 
Medical products are non-refundable.

Made for Faberlic JSC, 4 Nikopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia
Country of Origin: Russian Federation
Massage electrode with needled surface is designed to affect the hairy part of the head. 
Indications for use:
headache, dizziness;
sleep disorders, increased fatigability, anxiety;
hair loss; rehabilitation after inflammatory diseases, craniocerebral trauma;
cerebral atherosclerosis.
Massage electrode with flat surface is designed for facial and body cosmetic procedures. 
Indications for use:
reduced skin elasticity and muscle tone, edema;
treatment and prevention of cellulite;
affecting separate trigger points.
There are contraindications. To conduct procedures with external electrodes properly, as well as to determine an optimal combination with other treatment methods, read the Operating Manual or consult a specialist.

Download Operating Manual

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Platonova Nataliya Anatolevna
Прекрасные массажные электроды! Пользуемся всей семьей уже год. Подключаем к "Дэнасу" и сразу двумя электродами делаем массаж. После такого сеанса чувствуешь себя прекрасно! Электродом с зубчиками делаем массаж головы. Решая свою проблему выпадения волос, неожиданным эффектом обнаружила, что значительно реже стала болеть голова. Чтобы решить конкретную проблему, первое: нужно пользоваться аппаратом регулярно, второе: если вы не видите улучшений, меняйте подход. Рекомендую!
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