Weight: 5 g

Aromatherapy is a science and a wellness method of using essential oils.

Essential Oil, Tea Tree, with unique antiseptic properties for a home first aid kit and a traveller's first aid kit. Soothes and disinfects the skin, and eliminates imperfections. Purifies the air in the room. Strengthens the immune system.

Fragrance: fresh herbal fragrance creates an atmosphere of purity. Helps to stay strong in the cold season.

An all-purpose essential oil for cleansing and enhancing the skin protective functions. Cooling and refreshing. Improves the condition of oily skin and skin prone to imperfections. Relieves leg tension after a long walk.

General properties:

  • Cooling and refreshing.
  • Cleansing.
  • Helps in the cold season.

Cosmetic properties:

  • Improves the condition of oily skin.
  • Restores the skin.
  • Deodorises.
  • Strengthens your nails.

There is 20 kg of tea tree leaves in each bottle of Essential Oil.

100% natural essential oil.

Country of origin: South Africa

*Read the instructions carefully before use.

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia

Composition: Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil, Limonenе*.

*essential oil ingredient.

A scented bath: mix 4-6 drops of the essential oil blend and 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil (sunflower, almond, olive, etc.) or with 1 teaspoon of a shower gel/bath foam with a neutral scent. Add the resulting mixture into the water (36-37°C). Enjoy your bath for 10-20 minutes. For elderly people, use 2-3 drops.

Aromatic massage: mix the essential oils blend with a carrier oil or a massage cream in the proportion of 3-4 drops of the blend for 1 tablespoon of the base. Use the freshly prepared mixture for massage. Carry on aromatic massage for 10-20 minutes.

Cosmetic products: use neutral daily care products: face/body cream, shower gel, shampoo. Add 1-2 drops of the essential oils blend to the amount of your daily care immediately before use. Do not add the oil blend directly to the jar or the bottle containing a cosmetic product. Do not use the oil blend before going out in the sun.

Aroma diffuser: add a few drops of the essential oils blend to an aroma lamp or aroma diffuser (2-3 for 10 m2). The duration of the aromatherapy session is 30 minutes.

Precautions: carefully read the instruction. Perform a tolerance test before the first use. For external use only. Do not apply pure, undissolved oils to the skin. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Warning: do not use during pregnancy, while breastfeeding or with idiosyncrasy. In case of serious chronic conditions, consult your doctor.

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Anastasiya E.
Болеем с маленькой дочерью, ночью спать невозможно. Нос забивается, густые сопли не дают дышать, постоянно приходится обращаться к аспиратору... По совету лидера купила масло чайного дерева. Запах конечно специфический, но через короткое время нос снова дышит и сны стали спокойными. Закажу ещё несколько. Спасибо за такое средство.
Elena T.
Масло очень хорошее. Брала масло чайного дерева, но не смогла им пользоваться. Оно просто было токсично. А это приятное масло. Спасибо. Правда обьем 5 мл. за такую цену дорого очень.
Maria I.
Это прекрасное масло помогло моей дочери справиться с ноголетними воспалениями на коже лица. Она добавляла каплю средства в гель для умывания и в уходовые крема. Через неделю мы её не узнали, кожа стала кап у младенца. Огромное спасибо компании за высокое качество продукции, которая отлично справляется с проблемами.
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