FaberlicClub strany 460Shop with profit! Order Faberlic products, earn award bonuses to your e-wallet, and exchange them for gifts from a special catalogue!

How to participate in the Program?

Complete orders in each period. For every purchase, Club Faberlic bonuses will be awarded to you through your e-wallet in your personal account.

1 bonus = 1 Personal Volume point
(volume of products purchased by the Representative personally, calculated in points).

Redeem your accumulated bonuses for gifts from a special catalogue, including new products, in the next period.

After accumulating 15 bonuses, you can exchange them for one of several gifts when placing an order of at least 1000 roubles (at catalogue prices).

You can accumulate no more than 150 points in one period. Accumulated bonuses are aggregated each period.

To keep your accumulated bonuses, you must complete orders every period. If a Representative's Personal Volume is 0, the older unused accumulated bonuses will be invalid.

Gifts are valued at 5 bonuses and up. The more bonuses, the more interesting and expensive the gifts!  

Examples of bonus accumulation

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PV – the volume of products purchased by the Representative personally in a billing period, calculated in points.

If the Representative achieved 10 points of PV in the 1st billing period, then he will receive 10 Savings program bonuses in the 2nd period (see figure for periods 1-2).

2. If the Representative didn't place any orders in the 3rd billing period and his PV is 0 points, then the bonuses accumulated in the 2nd period will be invalid in the 4th period (see figure for periods 3-5). The sum of remaining savings comes to 25-15=10 bonuses.

3. If PV is 0 points in the 4th period, then the older earned and unused bonuses (meaning, the bonuses earned in the 1st period) will expire at the end of the 4th period. The sum of remaining savings comes to 10-10=0 bonuses.

4. If the Representative's PV is more than 150 points in the 8th billing period, then at the end of the 8th period 150 bonuses will be added to the bonuses already accumulated (see figure for periods 8-9). The sum of remaining savings comes to 50+150=200 bonuses.

Download Faberlic Club Savings Program Flyer

We wish you happy shopping and great gifts!

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