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Quantity/Volume: 50 mL

"Joy has its own flavor. It's the aroma of Sicilian citrus, sparkling and perky..." This is how French perfumer Pierre Bourdon describes what inspired him to create the duo of fragrances: Donna Felice and Uomo Felice. "Imagine, it's past noon on a Sunday in July. A nimble Vespa flies into a round square of an ancient Sicilian town. There is a couple on the scooter. Both are golden from the sun, young and infectiously happy. After shouting something to a group of people on the café terrace, they disappear behind the cool gray corner of a fruit shop. The couple rushes away from the city, to somewhere where orange groves burn as if with bright fire under the sun. Citrus trees cover the entire coastline, so the island looks golden from the sea. And high above the rocks and gardens, shines the sun—like a huge, juicy grapefruit in a vase with ice sorbet made from clouds…"
Donna Felice Eau de Parfum was created especially for Faberlic by the world master perfumery Pierre Bourdon.
Fragrance: Woody Citrus.
The top notes are a walk in a shady citrus grove on a hot day. A light breeze frolicking in the treetops is permeated with refreshing aromas of bergamot, mandarin, sweet lemon, and green leaves. In the heart, there is the warmth of the sunlight, making its way through the fresh greenery. This is how the notes of lily of the valley, rose, and marigold sound like, leaving the trail of sweet languor imparted by the vetiver, teakwood, and musk amber notes.
Fragrance pyramid is a concept used to visualize a fragrance’s composition. A fragrance is composed of fragrance notes, or ingredients, that create its characteristic scent. Fragrance notes are classified as top (head) notes, middle (heart) notes, and base (body) notes.The literal meaning of olfactory is "sense of smell".Donna Felice’s fragrance pyramid:
Top notes: Bergamot, Tangerine, Sweet Lemon, Green Leaves.
Middle notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Marigold.
Base notes: Vetiver, Teakwood, Musk Amber.

Packaging: Spray Bottle, 50 mL (1.7 fl. oz.).
Shelf life: 5 years from the manufacture date (see the packaging).

Made for JSC Faberlic, located at 4, Nikolopolskaya str., Moscow, Russia.
Made in:: Russia

How to Apply Your Fragrance Properly?

The aromatic notes of your fragrance will sound their best when applied to your pulse (or heat) points:

  • Inner side of your wrists (where the pulse is measured).
  • The insides of your elbows (if you’re wearing a sleeveless blouse).
  • Behind the ears and on the sides of your neck.
  • Your chest (décolletage) area.

Your hair may also help retain the fragrance for a longer time. Spray on the back of your head and on the sides of your neck by holding the bottle 8–15 cm (3–6 in) away from your skin.

If you’re wearing a dress, you can dab the fragrance on the back of your knees and spray it onto the bottom, folded edge of your dress to further extend the fragrance’s trail left behind you.

Another option is to spray the fragrance upwards into the air, to create a cloud of the scent, and to walk through the misty cloud before putting on clothes.

How to Choose a Fragrance?

Rule 1. Do not try out too many fragrances at once: Only 3–4 fragrances may be sufficient. Otherwise, you may risk overloading your olfactory bulb, which is not used to such a workout. Try to give each fragrance its own proper shot so that you can remember them afterwards.

Rule 2. Do not smell the fragrance directly from its bottle or tester bottle, or from its bottle cap. Instead, use a blotter strip or just a clean tissue to test the scent. Spray the fragrance of your choice onto your skin from a distance to understand what you are smelling and whether this smell agrees with you. The same fragrance sounds differently on different people.

Rule 3. Do not rush to buy the first fragrance you like. Walk around with the fragrance on to see how the scent evolves after several hours. Be sure to make your choice after you have experienced the fragrance on your skin evolved over time.

Rule 4. When choosing a fragrance, make sure to consider the climate where you live or the weather conditions on a particular day, as well as your social situation or setting. Opt for a delicate, subdued scent on a humid, warm day when the aroma would spread faster than in cold, dry weather. Consider fresh and light aromas for the summer and richer scents for cooler fall and winter months. At work, in an office setting, you may want to wear a mild, discreet fragrance, whereas for a romantic night out, you can try a brighter, stronger scent to make an indelible impression on your date.

Rule 5. Make sure to have fun when shopping for a fragrance. The pleasure of new aromas will be the best guide in your discovery of your next new fragrance.

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Hurmo O.
запах отлично пробовала первый раз ооочень довольно , ещё буду заказывать, спасибо
Dilara N.
Отличный запах у Donna Felice. Нельзя ли сделать его более стойким. И еще больше древесным
Ol'Ga K.
на цитрус не похож, стойкость отсутствует, аромат не поняла
Evgeniya D.
Все супер! Нотки цитрусовых,ну единственное,что не стойкий запах,допустим утром побрызгался,а к обеду,сам чувствуешь запах,может привыкаешь к аромату,ну муж чувствует. Запах не приедается.
Zuura D.
Этими духами я пользуюсь с 2008 года.Когда ещё была в 8 классе.Сейчас 31 ,до сих пор нравится запах.Уже не помню который раз покупаю.
Ol'Ga F.
Очень хороший аромат! Мне очень нравится. Жаль ,но стойкости нет
Tat'Yana K.
Теплый, уютный, сладкий (но не приторный) аромат
Nazima I.
Очень красивый обворожительный аромат.Уже не помню сколько раз заказывала.Часто беру в паре,и мужу очень нравится мужской.Некоторые пишут,что недолго держится.Не понимаю их.Даже на следующее утро слышу аромат,который нанесла на шею под ушами.
Natal'ya E.
Аромат классный нотки бергамота и цитруса, но к сожалению через пару часов запах улетучивается.
Mariya Z.
Заказала, водичка совсем не стойкая. Через час уже нет аромата. А так запах понравился.
Gunabat G.
seyle gowy ysy bar,bir söz bn super diysen bolyar.Ysy uzak duryar alsañ ökinmersiñ
Rita H.
Очень хороший аромат нежный приятный, долго держится
Nadezhda F.
Этим ароматом пользуюсь давно. Впервые приобрела его в миниатюре 15мл (когда такие были). И после первого затеста поняла, что это мой аромат! Как только заканчивается флакончик Донны, бегу заказывать ещё. Использовала уже 3 штуки. Практически не надоедает. Все время возвращаюсь к нему. Для меня он хорош для любого времени года: летом это цитрусовая сладость, но не душит, зимой - та же сладость приятно обволакивает, осенью и весной бодрит и дарит хорошее настроение! От души рекомендую! Солнечный и позитивный аромат!
Fidan Ə.
super parfumdu qoxusunu bilmeden aldım ve beyendim
El'Vira E.
Нерчинский Завод
Взяла первый раз этот аромат,очень понравился,запах как будто отдаёт апельсином (цитрусом),буду ещё брать.
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